Dragonar Academy /
By Mizuchi, Shiki,
"Welcome to Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, a school with a difference: the students are all dragon riders, each contracted with their own personal dragon. Ash Blake has the unique ability to ride anyone's dragon, but he's been waiting for what feels like forever for his own dragon to be born. He's thrilled when his dragon, Eco, finally appears--but she inexplicably takes the form of a beautiful human girl. Eco's peculiar appearance is only the first unusual thing Ash faces. His life is about to become a whirlwind of spies, dragon races, and unexpected attention from both the proud Princess Sylvia and the beautiful president of the student council, Rebecca. All Ash wants is to acclimate Eco to the world, but someone out there wants his strange dragon on the dissecting table!"--Back cover of volume 1.Older teen (16+).V. 1. A boy and his dragon -- v. 2. Death from above -- v. 3. Damsel in distress -- v. 4. When a dragon says no... -- v. 5. Royal secrets -- v. 6. Tomb raiders -- v. 7. A dragon laid bare! -- v. 8. Lost and found... -- v. 9. Mother knows best -- v. 10. [Untitled] -- v. 11. Flirting with dragons -- v. 12. [Untitled] -- v. 13. The final battle.

Akame ga KILL! ZERO /
By Takahiro,
"Before becoming Night Raid's deadliest ally, Akame was a young girl bought by the Empire and raised as an assassin whose sole purpose was to slaughter everything in her path. Because that's what makes people happy--right? Discover Akame's shocking past in ... the prequel to the ... series Akame ga kill."--Back cover of Volume 1.

My youth romantic comedy is wrong, as I expected @ comic /
By Watari, Wataru,
"Hachiman Hikigaya, a cynical teenage boy, and Yukino Yukinoshita, a beautiful, aloof, teenage girl, are forced to offer help and advice to their classmates as part of their school's Service Club, assisted by the cheerful and friendly Yui Yuigahama."--

Water, stone, heart /
By North, Will.
Newly divorced, Andrew Stratton lives in his head. He teaches architectural theory but has never built anything. He writes about communities where form and material are in harmony, but has no sense of where he belongs. He is capable of deep emotions, but is unable to express them. When his wife leaves him, Andrew is like a house shaken off a faulty foundation. He now must figure out what should be salvaged and what should be scrapped. Escaping from the routine of his university, Andrew travels to Boscastle, England where he'll learn to build stone walls. There he discovers a landscape of dizzying cliffs, jagged coastline, lush valleys, and hills lined with stone hedges that have stood the test of time -- and he immerses himself to the grueling tasks of stonework. Moved by the warmth and connectedness of the village, Will begins to shed his sheltered self. But his willingness to open his heart is tested when he falls for Nicola Rhys-Jones, an American expatriate seeking to escape a history of abuse.Fiction.
© 2009., Center Point Pub.,

Flint /
By L'Amour, Louis,
Flint left the West at the age of seventeen, leaving behind a rootless past and a bloody trail of violence. In the East he became one of the wealthiest financiers in America -- and one of the most feared and hated. Now, suffering from incurable cancer, he has come back to New Mexico to die alone. But when an all-out range war erupts, Flint chooses to help Nancy Kerrigan, a local rancher. A cold-eyed speculator is setting up the land swindle of a lifetime, and Buckdun, a notorious assassin, is there to back his play. Flint alone can help Nancy save her ranch ... with his cash, his connections -- and his gun. He still has his legendary will to fight. All he needs is a little time, and that's fast running out ...

Cutthroat Canyon /
By Johnstone, William W.,
While passing through El Paso, Scratch Morton and Bo Creel are rewarded with a Mexican gold mine for saving a rich man's bacon. When they discover that the mine is a magnet for marauding banditos, Scratch and Bo fight back. Then they discover that the thieves aren't who they thought they were, that some really bad guys are on the way, and a beautiful woman might just be the most dangerous bandit of all--the kind that can steal your heart. For Scratch and Bo, this gold mine might make them rich. But it's more likely to get them killed, just as soon as they can figure out who wants them dead.

The bell messenger /
By Cornuke, Robert,
A suspenseful yet touching story of a Civil war Bible that pops up again and again over a century and shapes the very history of the nation. This rich and involving historical and archeological thriller begins as a Union soldier, Tate, shoots a Confederate preacher known as the Bell Messenger and is bequeathed a worn Bible by the dying man. Tate's historical narrative parallels the contemporary story of John Brandon, who has just graduated college in 2000 and received the very same Bible, unearthed in a Saudi Arabian cave, as a gift. The potent history of this book is revealed as Brandon searches for its previous owners, along the way uncovering the existence of a mysterious cache of gold hidden during Old Testament times -- which brings shadowy figures hot on Brandon's heels, hungry for the gold and desperate to learn the new clues he possesses. As the past and present intertwine, the reader learns that this Bible has passed through many hands over the years. From the Civil War to the building of the Central Pacific Railroad, to the gang wars and the holding of Chinese slaves in nineteenth-century California, to the trenches of World War I, Brandon learns of the lives this Bible has saved, the deaths it has caused, and the history it has changed forever.

Shade /
By Olson, John
A monstrous waking nightmare is pursuing graduate student Hailey Maniates across San Francisco to Golden Gate Park where she is rescued by a towering homeless man. She seems to be able to read her rescuer's mind, but is it just a delusion? In this mind-bending supernatural thriller, Hailey can no longer tell reality from fantasy.

The signal /
By Carlson, Ron,
Backpacking into the Wind River Mountains on their tenth annual trip, Mack and his wife, Vonnie, find the magnificent woods and stunning mountains of Wyoming full of ghosts and danger. Mack comes from a long line of ranchers, and his dedication to keeping the family land has led him into penury and a life of crime. Vonnie is a fiercely intelligent and headstrong woman who came west for love, only to have it stolen from her bit by bit. They've made the trip to say goodbye to each other, but as they navigate the trails they know so well, they come to understand the true nature of their wounds. And Mack has one more secret: he is receiving a tracking signal that will allow him to retrieve something that has fallen from the sky. It is a beacon that will lead them into a wood far darker than any they'd ever imagined.

The Black Madonna /
By Bunn, T. Davis,
Antiques expert Storm Syrrell heads to Europe to investigate the clandestine trade in religious artifacts. Is she prepared to confront both earthly and spiritual powers? She remains haunted by lessons in love and betrayal-- but hesitation now holds mortal consequences.
© 2010., Center Point Pub.,

Listen /
By Gutteridge, Rene,
Belief in the power of words led Damien Underwood to a career in journalism and a job on his hometown newspaper, the Marlo Sentinel, where he uses words to persuade in op-ed pieces. But when an anonymous person records private conversations in peoples homes and posts them on a new Web site, Listentoyourself, words turn even loved ones against each other and threaten to tear the town apart.

Gold of kings /
By Bunn, T. Davis,
Learning the truth about her murdered grandfather's secret work as a trusted business and government agent, Storm Syrrell searches for answers in the various exotic locales he frequented and meets professional treasure hunter Harry Bennett, who reveals Storm's grandfather's wish that they continue his work unlocking ancient biblical secrets.

Noelle /
By Palmer, Diana.
After a devastating flood orphaned Noelle Brown, she thought her charming benefactor, Andrew Paige, could be the man of her dreams. So why did his steely-eyed older stepbrother, Jared Dunn, make her heart race and her breath catch in her throat? Desperado turned lawman, Jared had come home to Fort Worth, Texas, ready to leave his dangerous past behind. The green-eyed, feisty young woman his stepbrother had taken in wasn't the gold digger Jared had expected. Far from it: the unconventional, innocent beauty needed his guidance to learn the ways of high society, a task he found surprisingly enjoyable -- until she tempted and tormented him with a maddening passion. Rivalry would pit brother against brother, and scandal would rock their lives. Noelle would have to convince a man unwilling to believe in love that only he could still the anguish in her heart -- and fulfill the promise of their destiny.
© 2010., Center Point Pub.,

Triggered : how the Left thrives on hate and wants to silence us /
By Trump, Donald,
Includes bibliographical references (pages 288-294).Trigger warning -- Counterpunch -- Cracks in the foundation -- Class warfare -- Gap year -- Not exactly the Statue of Liberty -- Not your grandfather's Democrat Party -- Back to school -- Election night -- A deadly form of hate -- Miss gendered -- The enemy of the people? -- Shadow banned: How the liberals' grip on social media can ruin your life -- The late-night kind of comedy with Jussie Smollett and the Fauxtrage Orchestra -- Joe China -- The opposition -- Trump2020."From his childhood summers in Communist Czechoslovakia that began his political thought process, to working on construction sites with his father, to the major achievements of President Trump's administration, Donald Trump, Jr. spares no details and delivers a book that focuses on success and perseverance, and proves offense is the best defense."--Publisher's description.

The obesity code cookbook : recipes to help you manage insulin, lose weight, and improve your health /
By Fung, Jason,

The second sleep /
By Harris, Robert,
"From the internationally best-selling author of Fatherland and the Cicero Trilogy--a chilling and dark new thriller unlike anything Robert Harris has done before. 1468. A young priest, Christopher Fairfax, arrives in a remote Exmoor village to conduct the funeral of his predecessor. The land around is strewn with ancient artifacts--coins, fragments of glass, human bones--which the old parson used to collect. Did his obsession with the past lead to his death? Fairfax becomes determined to discover the truth. Over the course of the next six days, everything he believes--about himself, his faith, and the history of his world--will be tested to destruction"--

Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers : the Texas victory that changed American history /
By Kilmeade, Brian,
Includes bibliographical references and index.General Jackson's Protégé -- Gone to Texas -- "Come and Take It" -- Concepción -- A Slow Siege at the Alamo -- The Defenders -- Twelve Days of Uncertainty -- The Massacre -- Bring Out the Dead -- Houston Hears the News -- Fort Defiance -- The Texian Exodus -- An Army Assembles -- The Battle at San Jacinto -- "Remember the Alamo!" -- Old Sam Jacinto -- President Sam Houston -- The Founding and the Founders of Texas."Brian Kilmeade explores hidden aspects of Sam Houston, the first president of Texas, and brings the reader to the scenes of one of the most pivotal moments in American history."--

Sidney Lumet : a life /
By Spiegel, Maura,
Includes bibliographical references (pages 369-370), filmography (pages 365-367), and index.Yiddish roots -- Family stories -- Mother and son -- A Broadway education -- Brother and sister -- A second home: the group theatre -- What the camera sees -- GI Jew: eating ham for Uncle Sam -- Coming home -- Marriage take one: a season in Bohemia -- Television: worlds within worlds -- Marriage take two: Mr. And Mrs. Mouse -- The making of 12 angry men -- Career moves -- Marriage take three: maybe this time -- Men at work -- Marriage take four: print it -- Acquainted with the night -- Parents and children -- Make it personal -- Life all around -- All in all."Sidney Lumet: A Life is the first-ever biography of this seminal American director whose remarkable life traces a line through American entertainment history. His biography takes us from the world of Yiddish theater to Broadway spectacles, then inside the Federal Theater, the Group Theatre, the Actors Studio, and the early 'golden age' of television--all of which precede Lumet's astonishing five-decades-long adventure in movie making. Acclaimed as the ultimate New York movie director, Lumet began his directing career with the now classic 12 Angry Men, and there followed such landmark New York films as Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon and Network. Most noted for contemporary urban dramas, his remarkably varied output included award-winning adaptations of plays by Anton Chekhov, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams and Eugene O'Neill, whose Long Day's Journey into Night featured Katharine Hepburn and Ralph Richardson in their most devastating performances. His renown as an 'actor's director,' attracted an unmatched roster of stars, among them: Henry Fonda, Sophia Loren, Marlon Brando, Anna Magnani, Sean Connery, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Ethan Hawke and Philip-Seymour Hoffman, accruing 17 Oscar nods for his actors along the way. His personal life was full of surprises, with four marriages to remarkable women, all of whom opened their living rooms to Sidney's world of artists and performers, from Marilyn Monroe to Leonard Bernstein and Michael Jackson. With the help of exclusive interviews with family, colleagues and friends, author Maura Spiegel provides a vibrant picture of the extraordinary life and work of a director whose influence is felt through generations. This is a book that anyone interested in American film of the twentieth century will not want to miss"--

The weaving explorer : ingenious techniques, accessible tools & creative projects with yarn, paper, wire & more /
By Jarchow, Deborah,
Weaving in circles -- Pin-loom weaving -- Framed! -- Tapping into tapestry -- Backstrap weaving -- Frameless weaving -- Free and easy -- Rock, paper, ribbon!"The Weaving Explorer takes inspiration from the world of folk weaving traditions, adding a contemporary spin by introducing an unexpected range of materials and home dec projects"--

Blood of empire /
By McClellan, Brian,
"As the final battle approaches a sellsword, a spy, and a general must find unlikely and dangerous allies in order to turn the tides of war in this epic fantasy tale of magic and gunpowder by acclaimed author Brian McClellan"--